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Our VIP membership helps you to earn more SLP from your scholarship program. Increase competition, provide recognition and climb the guild leaderboard!

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Unlimited scholarship accounts
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Create competition and incentives
Increase scholar engagement
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Measure yourself against the top guilds
Create a strong team spirit
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The Axie.Tech VIP tools are a game changer and must for any guild/scholarship. The information is easily read and available at a click of a button. The best part is your scholars are able to check their ranking within your scholarship programme. Encouraging them to apply themselves further! Keep the good work up! Guild Logo Axie Flyers
Axie.Tech is a group of kind-hearted folks doing great things in the Axie Infinity ecosystem. They are emblematic of the great people we find throughout this new Axie metaverse. Upon launch in August 2021, I signed up for the Axie.Tech "Scholar Management Tools" with the primary need of having a 'leaderboard' that was updated daily for my whole scholar group. The leaderboard report has really motivated the AxieJoy scholar group. We achieved 225 SLP/day at our highest, only four weeks after our business launch with a wave of 50 scholars. Using the "team tool", I am able to inspect the components of a team build very quickly and relate that information back to what I'm seeing on the leaderboard. Our business achievements and quick growth would not be possible without Axie.Tech. They are a great team and we, at AxieJoy, love working with them! Guild Logo Axie Joy
Team VicTree began using the Axie Tech scholar dashboard and immediately noticed our team members becoming more engaged. The public dashboard allows for friendly competition and comparison from our team members. It also provides immediate public recognition to our top performers. Guild Logo Team VicTree
Ever since I moved tracking to, my program has been able to shift it's objectives from minimum SLP farming to maintaining a 180-210 average per day. The interface is simple, clear, and precise enough to save me time when reviewing each member's performance. One of its key features, guild page, allows my members to see information that helps them continue having a competitive spirit but at the same time allows my managers to see who are in need of help. As a bonus, I have used the "Teams" tab to help me think about team efficiency without having to go into Ronin - great also for breed planning. Guild Logo Axieland
Ranking scholars by daily SLP and Arena MMR on the manager page has helped me better identify which Scholar teams needed to be improved. I already have a method in the guild for scholars to ask for team changes, but turns out my bottom 10 scholars never even made the request and I've been able to identify that the majority of their issues have been team quality. It's also helped me identify high performing scholars. I've been able to identify 5 scholars who I think can also push top 500 and have invested top quality teams for them.
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