Scholar Leaderboards

We rank our VIP scholars by both average daily SLP earnings and arena MMR. Congratulations to these amazing scholars! 👏

Average Daily SLP

#Scholar NameSLP
🏆Guild LogoZXC708
🥈Guild LogoSophisticated662
🥉Guild LogoCami | SHA648
4Guild LogoA28Eukkatrina601
5Guild LogoDark599
6Guild LogoNAP 1575
7Guild LogoSummer0211#9763561
8Guild Logotinyhp#0963520
9Guild LogoNovaa Alt Breed 39516
10Guild LogoTactical Advisor#1514
11Guild LogoDamnjerks513
12Guild Logo고수Matts511
13Guild LogoA47KoreanCat507
14Guild LogoLoki 13505
15Guild LogoPan501
16Guild LogoGerald497
17Guild LogoAxieArtist496
18Guild LogoDdraig490
19Guild LogoWoza489
20Guild LogoKennette483
21Guild LogoOP3G481
22Guild Logo8FL - AutoTen#4920 - Team 110480
23Guild Logokrischan478
24Guild LogoDong J478
25Guild LogoTian478
26Guild LogoOmeqt477
27Guild Logoreeeu476
28Guild LogoPaul Aldrin474
29Guild LogoRyo Kuro 44469
30Guild LogoJohn459
31Guild LogoHanzz451
32Guild LogoZuperjacko451
33Guild LogoOdd Eye 25 - Washi450
34Guild Logorkmjill448
35Guild LogoAJ441
36Guild LogoCHOLOWITS440
37Guild LogoSS#032435
38Guild LogoArslan434
39Guild LogoRest434
40Guild LogoAlyx Evee434
41Guild LogoTactical Advisor#2432
42Guild LogoCy430
43Guild LogoMarc Jedan422
44Guild LogoAiban421
45Guild LogoCloyd419
46Guild LogoCelyx415
47Guild LogoAshriel410
48Guild LogoJustine409
49Guild LogoWeng#3617408
50Guild LogoEmil407
51Guild LogoALEXIS⚡407
52Guild LogoDani | SHA406
53Guild LogoGotabol98405
54Guild LogoNest398
55Guild LogoMRP398
56Guild Logo1FL - C.Pañares#5177 - Team 1396
57Guild LogoNyzlar394
58Guild LogoMa Josel391
59Guild LogoJewel388
60Guild LogoModerator383
61Guild Logo3FL - rjhular29#0477 - Team 32380
62Guild LogoMaku376
63Guild LogoEmilianoV375
64Guild Logoadamthefirst374
65Guild LogoCler | SHA373
66Guild LogoMark Dan Rei370
67Guild Logo5FL - MonTZY#2272 - Team 47368
68Guild LogoCutiePie366
69Guild LogoMartin359
70Guild LogoMark03359
71Guild LogoEly359
72Guild LogoNash358
73Guild LogoNuggi357
74Guild LogoOblimon354
75Guild Logoseanjefflibanan354
76Guild LogoKia354
77Guild LogoDondon354
78Guild LogoMhack352
79Guild LogoRenzkeys351
80Guild LogoLIANNA⚡348
81Guild LogoA32Vinz347
82Guild Logo4FL - Haroldzxc#9681 - Team 45342
83Guild LogoJaesaur341
84Guild LogoMY21 - Kudo337
85Guild LogoDutch335
86Guild LogoEnrique335
87Guild LogoJerome334
88Guild Logo7FL - dolfkey#7529 - Team 67331
89Guild LogoMY27 - Jonvil323
90Guild LogoEmanuel323
91Guild LogoFemmy323
92Guild Logoorbi319
93Guild LogoMJ319
94Guild LogoJANE⚡318
95Guild LogoQuinn317
96Guild LogoMary316
97Guild LogoRyan315
98Guild LogoEnzo315
99Guild LogoTrektar315
100Guild LogoJelgasm314

MMR - Arena

🏆Guild LogoHanzz3086
🥈Guild LogoTactical Advisor#13055
🥉Guild Logotinyhp#09633039
4Guild Logoaap.9.musket3017
5Guild LogoSummer0211#97632966
6Guild LogoCHOLOWITS2937
7Guild LogoSophisticated2913
8Guild LogoZXC2859
9Guild LogoMJ2856
10Guild LogoDong J2831
11Guild LogoDdraig2818
12Guild LogoDamnjerks2807
13Guild Logorap.1.robertd2753
14Guild LogoMarc Jedan2745
15Guild Logo고수Matts2736
16Guild LogoAnky2704
17Guild LogoArslan2678
18Guild LogoMistah Jack | SHA2674
19Guild LogoYozuka2645
20Guild LogoWoza2643
21Guild Logoaap.30.pads2636
22Guild LogoAronQWE2607
23Guild LogoPan2607
24Guild LogoRyoshy | SHA2604
25Guild LogoCelyx2598
26Guild LogoJona | SHA2591
27Guild LogoAxieArtist2584
28Guild LogoTian2578
29Guild LogoJayesh2574
30Guild LogoPaul Aldrin2562
31Guild LogoOmeqt2555
32Guild LogoOP3G2552
33Guild Logorap.16.joms2541
34Guild LogoCami | SHA2538
35Guild LogoAli - Mystic #12537
36Guild LogoSS#0502534
37Guild Logorap.2.emmsk2525
38Guild Logoaap..4.dexter2472
39Guild Logo1 - rtzy_11 #5784 - Team 1842468
40Guild LogoZack 152467
41Guild LogoKennette2444
42Guild LogoA107rovic2439
43Guild LogoJulse2436
44Guild LogoRoke | SHA2432
45Guild Logoaap.29.patrick.b2425
46Guild LogoQuinn2420
47Guild Logo8FL - AutoTen#4920 - Team 1102414
48Guild LogoOdd Eye 17 - Tokki2411
49Guild Logorkmjill2408
50Guild LogoKia2391
51Guild LogoEly2385
52Guild LogoCloyd2378
53Guild LogoCypher2373
54Guild LogoGigid-12370
55Guild LogoLoki 132366
56Guild LogoNovaa Alt Breed 392365
57Guild Logoaap.7.baji2352
58Guild LogoDragniel 172351
59Guild LogoJojojorielle Lifted 112349
60Guild LogoMark032345
61Guild LogoCy2343
62Guild LogoWeng#36172336
63Guild LogoRuhi2324
64Guild Logoaap.70.ej2324
65Guild LogoAJ2321
66Guild LogoCassy2320
67Guild LogoJohanna2317
68Guild Logoaap.32.bonj2315
69Guild LogoWATER2312
70Guild Logoaap.3.jkerr2310
71Guild LogoBlessy2308
72Guild LogoGerald2304
73Guild Logo6 - Shiryu22#7039 - Team 112303
74Guild Logospecialist2297
75Guild LogoCutiePie2297
76Guild LogoSS#0322296
77Guild LogoOdd Eye 25 - Washi2291
78Guild LogoAlyx Evee2281
79Guild Logo7 - Jemz#4724 - Team 2232279
80Guild LogoAhfasy2277
81Guild Logo5 - ianmayrinakun#9980 - Team 1132275
82Guild LogoA14Wapee2270
83Guild Logoroseee2269
84Guild LogoChlorox2267
85Guild LogoZuperjacko2267
86Guild LogoNicholeSheans 182265
87Guild Logoaap.1.jahren2265
88Guild LogoAngelina SJ | FeelPlaya Axie Academy2262
89Guild LogoFemmy2260
90Guild Logoaap.12.y42252
91Guild LogoSc!2249
92Guild Logoaap.10.shiro2248
93Guild LogoManager2238
94Guild LogoPaige Fernandez 542234
95Guild Logoaap.64.klee2230
96Guild LogoSCK2227
97Guild Logo5 - zyra#2328 - Team 602226
98Guild LogoT6 Keita-kun2226
99Guild Logodel2226
100Guild LogoJivillas2225

Rolling 7-day average between Sat 16th Oct 2021 and Fri 22nd Oct 2021

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